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The vpns mentioned on our website use the openvpn protocol and only route a small portion of your game connection data over the vpn which confuses the game into thinking that you are from a far away destination whilst keeping your ping low and without adding lag to your game.
Since the vpn confuses the game into thinking you are from a far away destination the game assumes that you would have a high ping playing on your local warzone servers from such a far away destination.
The skill based match making server then decides based on this information to put you into a server as quick as possible more based on connection then what your KD level is.
Using such vpns you will see a decrease in the average KD level of you lobbies over time, thus giving you easier lobbies in warzone 2 and warzone 1.
You can have only the host running the vpn however for the absolute best results it is best to have a friend also purchase the vpn and connect to the same vpn location as you on the vpn and this will multiply the effect of the vpn and give you even better bot lobbies.
A geo fence enables you to lock in all of your games to a certain country, by doing so you can always ensure that your games are 100% located in the country that you pick on the geo fence software.
You may also find that by playing in other countries you can get easier lobbies due to differences in the time zone and skill of the average player in that country / region.
No, these types of vpns do not change your ip address or hide your identity in any way.
No, vpns are allowed in the cheating and abuse policy from activision and many top streamers and content creators use vpns on a daily basis.
You can check out their policy HERE.
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